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The concept of PRESS THE BUTTON has been founded by Martin Arbeithuber and Silvia Wittmann in 2011. We are Europe’s first professional Do-It-Yourself photo studio. In case of copyright infringement of the concept or the disregard of trademark protection we are going to take legal action.

Who’s behind?

Luckily, there are some things in life that just happen by coincidence. In December 2016, I was looking for a photo studio to create my own christmas cards. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on them, because it was impossible to predict the moods of my 2,5-year-old and the sleeping phases of my 0,5-year-old. That’s when I discovered PRESS THE BUTTON. In my home town in Austria many people already know PRESS THE BUTTON, a friend of mine takes photos there every year to document her family’s progress. I also wanted to do this, but I couldn’t because there was no such concept in Zurich. From that moment onwards, I could not get theconcept of PRESS THE BUTTON gout of my head.

Every time I visited my family in Austria, I also met with Martin in Wels to learn more about PRESS THE BUTTON. Unless we found an appropriate location, our ideas werestill very theoretical. Then, ta-dah, suddenly we had THE location for PTB Zurich, and that is how it came to life . Everything happened very quickly andnow we’re right in the middle of establishing PRESS THE BUTTON ZURICH.

Some chances in life just have to be taken when they present themselves and it’s even better when you’re meeting so many incredible people who support you and share your excitement during the process.

I’m looking forward to meeting many kind people who will take creative, beautiful, stunning, and hilarious photos. Moreover, I’m looking forward to bring you fun and good memories.


P.S.: The Swisscom KMU Magazin published a great article about me and my self-employment. You can read this article here